Day 1: Off we go!!!


So here I am in the Highlands! Yesterday morning a group of us met at ECA and Andy’s mum drove us through to Bishopbriggs in Glasgow to their house, where we met up with the rest of the crew and had lunch. Some of the crew I recognized, however I didn’t know anybody very well which was quite nerve wracking, -especially when you are the odd one out doing costume. Everyone is really lovely though, and there is only 7 of us; 10 if you include Jimmy (the actor) and Mick, Andy’s dad who is helping out with transport etc, so it’s nice to have a small group. We then packed the cars and set off for the highlands, picking up Jimmy on the way, and arrived late afternoon at Andy’s family friends house in Fort William, in the lovely sunshine! The house is absolutely beautiful, and big enough for us all to share easily, overlooking the loch and the back of the Glencoe mountains.


(The view from my bedroom window!!!)

The first thing I did was unpack my costumes and hunted round for an iron. Lucky for me, Heather (the owner of the house), has a little utility room with a work surface, wash basin, washing machine etc, so I managed to set up a little work station and got to work ironing or steaming the garments so that they didn’t look like they had been folded in a suitcase, but also didn’t look perfectly pressed.

I then checked my props list, and made sure they were all ready to go. The old tattered Bible cover was almost about to come off, so I did a quick repair by laying a strip of masking tape down the seam and using a sharpie to make it match the pages by colouring it in.

After dinner, it was time to us to start shooting our first scene! The scene involves Allaster throwing his possessions into a bonfire on a highland beach at night/dusk. I had previously tried what I thought worked best in terms of Allasters costume on Jimmy whilst I was prepping the garments, and had Andy approve it, so that we could be ready to put the outfit straight on after dinner. Thankfully I really liked it on him, and everything fit perfectly!

The team headed to the beach which was 5 minutes away from the house, whilst I got Jimmy into costume, and called me when it was time to bring him down. We walked down together to join everyone else and begun shooting. As there was only a small amount of us it was all hands on deck, so we would take it in turns to collect bracken for the fire, and feed it just before each take. I was happy to get involved, even if it wasn’t my job, as I like to be kept busy. Me and Andy dressed the bonfire area with the props and the handkerchief idea worked really well, we used most of them up- I was handkerchief standby! It was a really lovely evening to shoot on, and everything went according to plan. Once we were done, Jimmy and I headed back up to the house and I hung up the costume (which STUNK of bonfire!!!) for today. So far so good- lets see what today brings!!!



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