Day 2- The Church, The River & The Cave

So yesterday was a great day to ‘officially’ start filming. To begin the day, we all had breakfast before heading up to Cille Choiril- the 15th century church I had mentioned at the beginning of the project. It was an absolutely beautiful morning, and the scenery was breathtaking! The church and graveyard was exactly like the photographs, and everyone was in good spirits. Jimmy traveled partly in costume as there was nowhere to get him changed where we were going. He wore the trousers and shirt with his own layers over the top, and I kept the rest hung flat in a costume bag until we got there. Props were used again in this scene, so I had to make sure I had everything with me. Andy had bought a vintage cross necklace that he wanted to use but it had a little 4 leaf clover where the hole was for the jump ring, which he didn’t like. I had taken a couple of my jewellery making bits and bobs with me, so I carefully took this out with small pliers and put a very simple jump ring in its place. I also used some cord for one of the wedding rings which jimmy had to wear around his neck and then remove. I left the cord quite long so it would be easy to take off, and looped it so that he could pull the ring free without fiddling if that is what he wanted to do. In this scene, Allaster is without his coat in this scene, and so he is wearing his shirt,waistcoat and woolen blazer/jacket. I liked how he looked smart for church, but still very earthy, I think the woolen brown jacket was the right decision to make.

When the crew were doing close up’s by the alter in which everyone was squashed into one space, or they were setting up for a new shot, I managed to get some sunshine outside and do a bit of hand sewing which was really nice. I sewed the vintage collar onto Stella’s long sleeved top around the neckline.

We did some shots of Jimmy walking through the graveyard which was good to see, I was happy with how his coat looked from a distance. He fitted in but also stood out quite well as a silhouette. I actually think green wouldn’t have matched the landscape as nicely.

After lunch, we travelled to the next location which was a beautiful river, with a small rocky beach. The weather started changing at this point; one minute it was sunny and the next glorious sunshine which was quite frustrating in terms of continuity, the lighting was changing all the time, and the wax jacket meant that all the rain spots showed up quite dark. We tried to keep jimmy covered when possible, but it was difficult when trying to do shot after shot. In this scene, he also has to take his shoes and socks off, and stands in the river. I had made sure that Jimmy brought some plain, dark socks to wear, so that we would have no crazy patterned bright socks showing! I had a momentary panic about the trousers getting wet all around the bottom, as I was unable to dry them between shots because of the outdoor location and had no spares. Luckily however, Andy directed Jimmy to roll his trousers up before stepping in the river, so all I had to do was stretch them out between shots to make sure they didn’t look like they had already been rolled once. I was also on towel duty for when Jimmy had to dry his feet and put his shoes back on.

After filming at the river, we travelled to a church which had a beautiful cafe space overlooking the water, and a kitchen. They had previosuly agreed to let us use the kitchen to heat up our food. Here we met Stella- Jimmy’s daughter playing Eilidh and her mum Julie. It was a good chance to get to know Stella a little before today.

After dinner, we travelled to our last location of the day- the cave. This was actually a huge boulder which had an overhang. We were shooting the start of another scene here, in which Allaster arrives at a cave, lights a fire and lays down for the night.

It became harder and more challenging as it got darker, and we were all ready for bed by the time we had finished. Yesterday was the longest day we will be doing. It was tough going in the crazy weather conditions, but was worth it getting back as it was Jimmy’s birthday, so we suprised him with a cake and candles before everyone went to bed.



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