Day 3- Allaster & Eilidh

Today has been the best day so far for me. I had a slight crisis this morning when putting Stella into costume. Her under-top wouldn’t go over her head with the lace collar attached, so I had to unpick it which started to eat into everybody’s time. I was kicking myself for not realizing, but there was no time yesterday to try it on Stella, as we were very late getting back from filming. The tights I had gotten her were only left in an age 13 and she was 9, but it worked for the best because she could fit her thermals underneath, and I was very scared of her being cold. We all headed back to the cave, and spent the morning shooting the dialogue between Stella and Jimmy. The wind was bitterly cold, and Stella was only tiny! I became such a mother hen, and was constantly swaddling her in layers; I ended up wrapping her in two coats a hat and a huge blanket in between each shot- we became best buddies at the end of it, and I was sad when her parts were done and she had to leave 😦

I was happy with how her costume looked next to Jimmy’s; it fitted her exactly as I had hoped, and they complemented each other quite well. She was an absolute gem to watch, and it was a real pleasure to see her and Jimmy perform each take.

We were late finishing the scene, and had to eat lunch in the car as the weather was awful. We then filmed some more footage by the river, and again by the cave, in which we see Allaster approaching the cave bare-footed. His feet had to be muckied up, and by the end of the day, his trousers were absolutely caked in mud-to my dismay! We arrived back at the house, and I set to cleaning the trousers. I didn’t want them to be too clean so I didn’t fully wash them. I hand scrubbed the bottom of each leg to rinse out most of the mud and dirt, and hung them up to dry. I also gave everything a very light steam just to tidy them up slightly, as tomorrow’s scene is before the ones we filmed today, but it’s one in which he is battling the elements walking through the wilderness, so is still pretty disheveled.

After this, there was time for everyone to chill a little. After dinner, we all sat in the living room and played games which was really fun- It was good to get to know everyone more, outside of being on set.



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