Day 4- It’s a WRAP!!!


Aaaaaand it’s a WRAP! So that’s it- our last bit of filming done and dusted! So this morning we all had to get up early and pack, load the cars etc. We then said bye-bye to the house (this made me very sad), and headded off. We were filming the last scene en route in Glen Coe, which was absolutely stunning. The weather was incredibly harsh though, and even Jimmy had to put an extra coat on top of his costume coat (he was always pretty tough when I offered blankets etc!!!). I struggle particularly badly with the cold, and have problems with my circulation, which I think became obvious when I started shaking. We then had a role-reversal when Jimmy generously gave me his ear-warmer to wear!

The landscape was pretty majestic, and we got some really good footage of Allaster walking through the glen. It was great to watch, and I actually felt really proud of what I had put together.

And then Andy decided he was happy and we were finished! It was a bittersweet moment really, I was sad for it to be over but also excited to see the final film. We then travelled back to Bishop briggs, calling at a view-stop on the way for lunch, and got some team photo’s which was good fun- it doesn’t show just how cold it was though!

We stopped off at Andy’s house, and his mum had made fresh pancakes which was fab. Then travelled back here to Edinburgh, said our goodbyes and here I am back home. Absolutely exhausted but so buzzing about the past few days. I was so anxious about going at the beginning, but I’m so glad I threw myself into it- I know I did the right thing for picking the film I was drawn to, rather than working on something I didn’t care for just for the sake of working with friends- I’ve come out of it making more friends, and having something to show that I am actually pretty proud of. Overall, It was a wonderful experience, I’ve learn’t so much about how a film works, how important teamwork is, and how rewarding costuming can be (even if you have to be the first one up at the crack of dawn to brush dirt off a pair of trousers)! So yep- that’s it for ‘Brae’- I cannot WAIT so see the finished film!!!

celtic cross


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